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WordPress Maintenance Security and Monitoring.

WordPress now makes up over 25% of all websites (!!), which unfortunately also makes it a prime target for hacking attempts.  This doesn’t mean WordPress isn’t still a great base for your site, only that it requires a certain level of maintenance and vigilance to make sure your site is protect.

Our WordPress team committed to responding to all known loopholes within the core and securing them accordingly – each new release addresses any new known vulnerabilities,  thus it’s important to keep your WordPress install up to date.  In addition, your plugins need to be update and check regularly to make sure they cooperate with the WordPress core updates.  We do our best to use plugins that we know are trusted and well maintained, but even also those need tweaks from time to time.

To avoid above issues and lots of similar other issues we have come up with an affordable WordPress monthly maintenance service plan and package which can take care of your headache of your WordPress website.

Since WordPress is also a software it needs regular update and hence just like other technologies since this keeps on getting update there are times where other items which have not been update crumble and may need to be update as well. However updating them may create other problems like customizations have been do with the core coding or some other scripts used within them have been render deprecat and shall be remove. All these errors and issues can be take care of using this monthly maintenance package plans.

WordPress Security Packages

Monthly maintenance as per package would be perform for the client as per their choice of work from any of the below or custom work as pre decide each month for the client:

$49 / mo.
For people who need simple maintenance services, schedule backups and monitoring.
  • WordPress & Plugin Updates*
  • Sucuri Security Monitoring
  • 3 Support Tickets/month
  • Scheduled Site Backups
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
$599 / mo.
With our Enterprise service, you receive developer support from Sizeable Interactive’s team.
  • Theme & Plugin Updates*
  • Sucuri Security Monitoring
  • Monthly Site Customizations**
  • SEO Audit of Website
  • Performance Optimization
  • Database Optimization
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Spam Comment Cleanup
  • Scheduled Site Backups

* All WordPress, Theme & Plugin Updates – All auto-updates within WordPress admin UI are included in service. Monthly hour of additional service is for service to existing designs, themes and/or plugins.

** Monthly Site Customizations – With our customization service, you receive developer support from Sizeable Interactive’s team for site tweaks, modifications and more at $18/hour. That’s nearly half our normal rate!

Support Tickets – You can submit a support ticket to our technicians for help with installing/configuring a plugin, make a small change to your theme, adding a new widget, etc. Note: Timeframe is limit 15 minutes of support per ticket.

Priority Customer Support – You get 30 support tickets a month (see above), plus your own personal Skype group to speak directly with our support technicians.

Performance Optimization – After reviewing your website response time, real user monitoring reports, and critical transaction reports we can offer some suggestions for you to improve your website speed without ruining the value of using a WordPress CMS.

Database Optimization – We keep your database operating faster and more efficiently by removing post/page revisions, orphaned postmeta, commentmeta, and orphaned relationships, dashboard transient feeds, and optimize your database overhead weekly.

Spam Comment Cleanup – Every week we check your site for pending comments and approve the relevant ones. Plus, we remove comment spam on a weekly basis also.

Sucuri Security Monitoring & Cleanup – Your site will be safe and secure using the world’s top malware monitoring and cleanup service, Sucuri Security.

SEO Audit of Website – The monthly SEO audit report will show you where you are missing alt tags, description tags, where your meta information is too long or too short. Pages that are missing key SEO items, and much more.

Scheduled Site Backups – Have peace of mind knowing there are regular backups of your site’s content is always replaceable. Backups also can be email to you or download off site location for safe keeping.

Do you need Emergency WordPress Services?

If your site is down or not operating properly, you’re losing time and money! You think your site has been hacked or is spreading viruses to site visitors, you must act quickly to avoid further damage and additional costs. Ask us for WordPress Malware Removal and Restoration.

If you think you have an issue with your web server or if your site has a conflict with a plugin, permalinks, membership modules or shopping cart, contact us for WordPress, Membership & Shoppingcart Support.

For all other WordPress services, such as a WordPress setup or site transfer, security audit or adding WordPress Security to an existing site, click here!

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