PPC Management Services

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PPC Management Services

If you want first page listing in Google within 24 hours, we can help you. We are a best Pay Per Click Advertising Company in India. PPC (Pay per Click) is the best online marketing channels and it can be very beneficial for small, medium and large businesses also. This is the best way to promote your brand in short span of time. With us, you also can hire dedicated professionals to offer you best PPC Management services.

Pingash IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the reputed PPC management company in India known for its extensive industry experience and certified professionals. We deliver the high return on investment through constant monitoring of PPC campaigns. Pingash also test and better target the right keywords. We have satisfied clients all across the globe. Pingash also can manage ad campaigns for every sort of clients with short or long term goals.  Our professional pay per click advertising services help you get maximum ROI.

How Do We Cater

PPC Management

We offer best services to increase your ROI. Our team of professional use step by step methodologies to optimize your PPC campaign.

  • In depth market and keyword research: Our team of professionals has vast experience and knowledge, so they do research and find out the competitive and beneficial keyword terms for your ad campaign.
  • Ad copy: They create eye catchy and relevant ad copy:
  • Bid: They place your ad as per the best bid budget. They work on quality scores and try to optimize your ad campaign within low budget.
  • Monitoring: We regularly monitor the ad campaign and do changes like add negative keywords, filters, sorts, and much more.

So we provide all these facilities under one roof, in a hassle-free manner.

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At Pingash, We have a team of certified PPC professionals. PPC is the best way to promote your brand across the globe. Our team offers you truly effective PPC campaign that offers you good ROI. PPC management requires a lot on in-depth research as our team does for your niche market.

Our professionals have experience of more than 15 years and they use their vast experience in selecting the right keywords and use them with right bid amount. They monitor the campaign regularly and make changes in ad copy and text if requires to enhance return on your investments.

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Our Achievements

in the Field of

PPC Management

At Pingash, We offer best PPC managements services at cost effective price. PPC has become the most used and favorite tool for quick conversion, but people find it difficult to manage, so we are here to manage your all sorts of ad campaigns. Here we have listed some of our achievement in PPC services, such as:

  • We have team of solutions-focused PPC consultants who have offered best solutions to our clients
  • Pingash have satisfied clients in various different countries
  • We also have assisted various media agencies and enterprises. Pingash offered best solutions to almost all industries and verticals
  • We have formulated unique strategies and also planed for PPC Management that have utilized algorithm of search engines itself in getting good opportunity of advisement display for our clients.


of using

PPC Management

At Pingash, We have team of professionals who offer PPC management to all clients in various different countries. There are various benefits of using these PPC services, such as:

  • PPC services help drive huge traffic to your website on daily basis
  • It also helps you manage your budget as per your need. Client just need to pay for the ads that are clicked.
  • You can also target a bigger market
  • This is the best way to promote your new website and also get it listed in top listings of major search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing and more.

Why Choose Us?

Pingash is the best Pay Per Click Company in India which delivers precise solutions to our clients. The advantage of Pingash as PPC Management Company in India, such as:

  • Pingash has been acclaimed as best PPC management company in India.
  • We also offer you integrated approach to market research, keyword research, trends mixed with basics of ad for all your advertising needs associated with search engines.
  • Pingash have performed PPC management for various clients and businesses.
  • We can also bring your ad on top for an increase in generated leads.
  • Pingash are also transparent in terms of working and billings
  • Our services also can be customized as per our client’s needs and budget.
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