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Magento Maintenance, Support & Security

While Magento provides improve performance, scalability, and other benefits, regular maintenance is also require to ensure that all moving parts continue to work as design. So, what’s the best way to keep your website continue to be a high-performing eCommerce asset?

The key to keeping an eCommerce site safe and secure is to stay up-to-date with all Magento code updates, security patches, bug fixes and malicious threats. Having a fully-equipped team on your side as your magento technical support team can make all the difference. We’ll be making sure the magento maintenance services your site needs are expertly handle, keeping your website up and running for the long haul.

Pingash development experts track all Magento-related critical and recommended updates, including those throughout the official Magento store and on all relevant 3rd-party software and extensions. When an update is release, or a new threat occurs, Pingash is alert immediately, and will take the necessary steps to make sure these updates and security patches are update quickly and safely.

When a Magento store requires an update, Pingash is available 24/7 to take the necessary actions. First, Pingash will test the updates or patches on a development or test site to assure safe integration. Then, we’ll run extensive tests with your website in a safe environment and migrate the new patch from the test site to the live site. We’re continually checking for errors to make sure the whole process happens smoothly and without a hitch.

Magento Support Packages

Monthly maintenance as per package would be perform for the client as per their choice of work from any of the below or custom work as pre decide each month for the client:

$399 / mo.
For people who need simple maintenance services, schedule backups and monitoring.
  • Basic Website Updates
  • Basic Uptime Monitoring
  • 3 Support Tickets/month
  • Scheduled Site Backups
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
$1349 / mo.
With our Enterprise service, you receive developer support from Sizeable Interactive’s team.
  • Code and Performance Audits
  • Magento SEO Audit / PPC
  • Monthly Site Customizations**
  • Advanced Website Changes
  • Proactive Website Monitoring
  • Magento Security Patches
  • Automatic Magento Upgrades
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Scheduled Site Backups

Magento Code and Performance Audits – Annual Magento Code and performance audits completed by a Magento certified developer – ensure your site remains upgrade friendly and adheres to best practices

Magento SEO Audit / PPC – Monthly SEO site audits to ensure your site is ranking well and any issues are rectified, monthly PPC management. The monthly SEO audit report will show you where you are missing alt tags, description tags, where your meta information is too long or too short. Pages that are missing key SEO items, and much more.

** Monthly Site Customizations – With our customization service, you receive developer support from Sizeable Interactive’s team for site tweaks, modifications and more at $18/hour. That’s nearly half our normal rate!

Advanced Website Changes – Advanced customisations to your Magento website inc. 3rd party integrations and custom module development.

Scheduled Site Backups – Have peace of mind knowing there are regular backups of your site’s content is always replaceable. Backups also can be email to you or download off site location for safe keeping.

Basic Website Updates – Access to our team of Magento experts for: text changes, bug fixes, 3rd party, extension installations, graphical changes and consultancy.

Basic Uptime Monitoring – Uptime monitoring complete with automatic support for when your site becomes unavailable.

Proactive Website Monitoring – Advanced proactive monitoring of key functional aspects of your site including add to cart / customer checkout simulation and server load monitoring.

Automatic Magento Upgrades – Automatic upgrades as they are released ensuring your site is always running the latest version.

Magento Security Patches – Automatic security patching ensuring you are always protected against the latest vulnerabilities.

Support Tickets – You can submit a support ticket to our technicians for help with installing/configuring a plugin, make a small change to your theme, adding a new widget, etc. Note: Timeframe is limit 15 minutes of support per ticket.

Priority Customer Support – You get 30 support tickets a month (see above), plus your own personal Skype group to speak directly with our support technicians.

Do you need Emergency Magento Services?

If your site is down or not operating properly, you’re losing time and money! You think your site has been hacked or is spreading viruses to site visitors, you must act quickly to avoid further damage and additional costs. Ask us for Magento Malware Removal and Restoration.

If you think you have an issue with your web server or if your site has a conflict with a extension, permalinks, membership modules or shopping cart, contact us for Magento, Membership & Shoppingcart Support.

For all other Magento services, such as a Magento setup or site transfer, security audit or adding Magento Security to an existing site, click here!

Ask about Magento Protection!

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