Digital Analytics Services

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Digital Analytics Services

We are a Digital Analytics Company in India, and we are world famous for offering best analytics solutions. We prove very helpful for marketers as we help them in analyze market and work as per the trends. Our services help marketers improve the performance of their digital channels leading to better growth and strategies. With us, you can hire certified Digital Analytics expert to help you.

Pingash IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the reputed Web Analytics Services Company in India. It offers a wide range of solutions for your business or brand. We have a team of certified experts who can help you simplify tag management, reporting, tracking and digital channels also.  Pingash also have been serving our clients since 2002. We have satisfied clients all across the globe.

How Do We Cater

Digital Analytics

At Pingash, our team of expert professionals helps you find out the exact information about your marketing efforts, visitors on your websites and relevant information all about your visitors. Here we support digital data analytics requirements of enterprises, such as.

  • We understand the business of our clients and find out their target market and audience.
  • Pingash also use premium analytic tools to find out visitors count, measure web traffic, track bounce rate, and identify exit pages and much more.
  • We analyze your business positions and marketing efforts success. So We also optimize your marketing campaigns by proving you the exact details of your target market and audience.
  • We fix goals, filters and use many more techniques to identify your audience, increase ROI and improve bounce rate by assigning resources to right campaigns and channels also.

So we provide all these facilities under one roof, in a hassle-free manner.

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At Pingash, we have a team of Google Analytics certified professionals to help you analyze your progress and behavior of your visitors. Our team has expertise in Google tag management, goal fixing, reporting, comparing and also find out the success reports of your various paid marketing campaigns like Adwords, PPC and much more.

They have vast experience in using this tool, and you can also ask for premium analytic services to know more about your business and your visitors. We can help you identify the geographical information of visitors on your website and also help you decide the appropriate area to target for marketing your product or service.

Pingash help you determine the appropriate areas or where to invest your time or marketing budget also. We can help you save your time and money by providing you the target audience, target market and also appropriate areas to market your website.

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Our Achievements

in the Field of

Digital Analytics

At Pingash, Those marketers who are burdened with digital marketing data and struggling with this tool, our certified experts can help them out to make them understand the utility and significance of this tool. Here we have listed some of our Achievement in Digital Analytics:

  • We have team of solutions-focused digital analytics consultants who have offered best solutions to our clients
  • Pingash have served for more than top 50 global brands and have long term relationship with satisfied clients in various countries
  • We have assisted various media agencies and enterprises. Also we offered best solutions to almost all industries and verticals
  • Pingash also has helped various agencies and enterprises to boost their digital marketing efforts.


of using

Digital Analytics

At Pingash, we offer best digital analytics services to our clients and help them plan strategies as per digital data reports. We also help our clients to determine market trends and customer behavior. There are various benefits of using these Digital Analytics services, such as:

  • Google Analytics is the best tool that helps you optimize the performance of your website by highlighting how a user or your customers interact with your digital data also.
  • It helps you understand how your website is performing.
  • Pingash also offers you insightful data about the visitors and this data can be used to plan future marketing campaigns or efforts.
  • You can tailor your B2B approaches by offering people what they exactly want from your website or business.
  • Also You can track the geographical locations of your visitors

Why Choose Us?

Pingash is the best Web Analytics Services Company which delivers precise solutions to our clients. The advantage of Pingash as Web Analytics Company in India, such as:

  • Our strategies are aimed towards precise and relevant solutions
  • We also track exact traffic locations and offer you detailed insights that help our clients create targeted campaigns around these insights
  • Pingash use the premium tools to do identify your target audience, group also.
  • With more than 15 years experience in online marketing industry, Our team of Certified professionals develops creative solutions that offer outstanding results, leads, traffic and performance
  • 100% Client satisfaction.
  • Affordable digital analytics services also
  • Also best Google Analytics certified professionals
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