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Custom Web Design

We are well known in the industry to create custom web design in India that need to be stand out and special from the crowd. Our custom website design services make your website user-friendly and also easily accessible to all users.  We also craft your website with imagination and purpose to create the engaging user experience. So with us, You can hire web designers in India to cater your needs regarding the business website.

Pingash IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the best custom website design company in India. This company offers top-quality custom web design services. Our team of innovative and skilled designers makes our company best custom website design company.

How Do We Cater

Custom Web Design

Our custom Website Designing services include a step by step process such as:

  • Client Interaction: Clients can contact us by mail or call. We can also connect with them via chat or mail.
  • Requirement Gathering: We take our time to understand your basic requirements, also collect lots of data to understand it.
  • Planning: Once we understand your website requirement, and then we plan our designing process.
  • Designing: Our team of custom website designers uses latest approaches to meet your needs and expectation.
  • Validation & Verification: Once we create and design website we sent it for approval from the client. We also make required changes if clients want.
  • Delivery: After completing the website as per the client’s requirement, we deliver it to the client.
  • Support and Maintenances: Furthermore we provide 24*7 supports to our client.

So we provide all these facilities under one roof, in a hassle-free manner.

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At Pingash, we have a team of skilled, experienced and dedicated custom web designers who have created custom websites for 100+ businesses worldwide. We have also designed custom websites for startups and established companies in various countries.

We also provided the best possible solutions for smaller companies and startups. Whatever your size and type of industry, our designers in India will design and build an excellent website that delivers real ROI.

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Our Achievements

in the Field of

Custom Web Design

We are committed to designing best websites that meet with standard and expectations of our all sorts of clients. Pingash have designed and created 1000+ websites, and our custom web designer not only focuses on the look of website but also get results.

We take the time to analyze your website requirements and your objective behind it. Pingash also focus on your target market and potential customers that will visit it. Here we have mentioned some of our achievements such as:

  • At Pingash, we have offered excellent quality custom website solutions to start-ups and grownups, so we have many satisfied clients across the world.
  • We have also offered custom web design services to all sorts of clients worldwide. Our solutions are specifically tailored to your business needs and aims.
  • We have a devoted team of creative and skilled custom web designers who also have managed to make hundreds of customized web designs.


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Custom Web Design

At Pingash, we are committed to delivering best custom website designing solutions. Our outstanding services make us stand apart; also advantages of our services are as follows:

  • Our custom web design solutions offer you the flexibility to tailor it to your exact and precise needs.
  • At Pingash, our skilled and experienced resources use latest technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and much more to make your website stand out of the crowd.
  • We also ensure that we deliver the product on time.
  • Pingash offer customized web templates, and you can choose from.

Why Choose Us?

At Pingash, we have a team of experts to serve you, and we offer you quality yet affordable solutions. Here we have mentioned some reasons that make us stand out from others:

  • We offer world’s best custom web design solutions.
  • Our true custom websites can have a truly unique feel and look.
  • We also stand firm for over a decade (15 years) in the web-solutions industry.
  • Pingash have a creative team of web designers who aim to create an inspiring and imaginative website. Originality in services, imagination in designs is also our USP.
  • We have designed functional and eye-catching websites successfully, and we have delivered various projects without compromising quality.
  • Here at Pingash, Our search engine marketing team ensures that custom web design is optimized for chosen phrases or not.
  • We offer interactive websites.
  • Pingash also provide search engine friendly website
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